SEMA Coverage – Day ONE

Words and photos - Mike Tolliver

We’ll another trip is started and an early rise. We are off to largest car event in north America, SEMA (specialty equipment manufacturer association). Its annually in Vegas and this is the fifty first year. Last year being the largest event ever in history. With over a mile square feet inside and over a million outside this is not a small event. Add a few hundred thousand people like us and it gets even larger.

Our plan is to find us a few sponsors to cover all the StanceWars shows, meet with some industry folks to see the newest products , see the best cars in the nation and meet those folks you’ve only heard of on social media.

This all started months the ago when I applied for media credits for the show, once acquired I signed the team. Traveling this trip is Cynthia , our operations manger and sales. Rene newly appointed VP of strategy. Of course me , head cheerleader, and owner.

Leg one airport at 6m to Oakland to swap planes to Vegas. Bang the bags at the hotel and hit the show a day before it opens to the buyers. Here are the best things we saw before the opening.


Just leave your LibertyWalk Sittin where ever _MG_7526

We were like what is this purple car, later we found out its a full kit car. _MG_7539

The New stunning silver for JJ’s LibertyWalk Ferrari _MG_7540

Oh no you didnt LibertyWalk_MG_7558

Line up day 1 at SEMA for LibertyWalk Booth_MG_7561

Why not have a LibertyWalk R8 Project _MG_7566

This is what a sexy classy aircooled bus looks like, dropped with Accuair and Vlair pumps_MG_7585

How to LayFrame and be a badass in the same vehicle _MG_7603

Classic’s love airride too _MG_7606

We saw Rich’s placement for Car Crazy , way to go for #TOP100 _MG_7613

If you wanted muscle and stance this would be the start _MG_7625

The first Ford F150 for 2016 slammed at SEMA_MG_7629

Be the boss _MG_7634

Love those Rotiform’s on this widened BMW. _MG_7636

Nothing to see here , murdered BMW i8 bagged on Rotiform’s _MG_7645

If mike had an Audi R8 this would be the start. Damm she’s hot. _MG_7646

and we all got a surprise with Mike brought out #RustySlammington in the H&R booth for SEMA. Lots of coverage coming _MG_7647 _MG_7649 _MG_7662

Have a dream, its a possibility at SEMA – HotWheels_MG_7671

oh Carl, so tasty in the AirLift booth _MG_7676

Rocket bunny, matte blue and fun of fun.