Seattle Video Contest Winner – Minute Rice Channel

Graham from Minute Rice Channel is showing off his 80hrs of work from our show. Lots of hard work and clean shots went into this short film from Graham. Grahams video was picked by our staff for his views of the show, clean technics and our lifestyle. If your a media you could win $$$ of a trip at our next event StanceWars New Jersey Sept 16th or StanceWars HoustonNov 18th

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Stancewars Seattle 2017 was bigger, badder and crazier than every before, and I was there to capture all of it! Bear witness to the outrageous glory of Stancewars in 4k!

Top 100 start

Lower decks:

I’m just a guy who covers car culture in the PNW with the help of some friends! Please subscribe, comment, share, or contact if you think you have a car, event, or subject that could be a fun feature for the show. Thanks for taking a look!


UZ + Stooki Sound – Bang
UZ (featuring blow fever) – Storm
Binks – Redemption

Panasonic GH5
Ronin M
Phantom 4 pro