I’ve taken the time to review and update cars into the right class, majority are in the class you asked for, some are moved for better placement in a class. Please review.

State Owner Owner Returning make class 1
OR Alvin Hui Subaru Best JDM
OR Josh Kimmer YES Subaru Best JDM
Canada Leigh Gavin YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Ryan Domingo Nissan Best Stance
WA Ian Rogers YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Erica Gomez YES Ford Best Domestic
WA Eduardo Pineda Bmw Best Stance
WA Eduardo Pineda Bmw Best Truck\SUV
WA Emily Larsen Ford Best Domestic
WA Chad Celestres YES Subaru Best JDM
WA earnie reddic Polaris Best JDM
Canada Gurjit Gill Subaru Best Stance
WA Dillon Delacruz YES Subaru Best Stance
UT Breanna Black YES Volvo Best European
WA Alex Cuervo Lexu Best Stance
WA Dion Hargrove YES Mazda Best Classic
Canada Austin Baird YES Subaru Best Stance
CA Joe Chavez YES Nissan Best Stance
Canada Justin Wallace YES Lexus Best VIP
WA macaully lakin Subaru Best Stance
Canada John Shih YES Mazda Best Stance
WA Timothy Paulsen YES Audi Best Stance
WA Edward Gaborno YES Acura Best VIP
WA Tony Lau YES Lexus Best VIP
OR Nathan Smart Subaru Best Stance
Canada Alex MacDonald VW Best Classic
OR Christopher Porter YES Subaru Best Stance
OR Samuel Rivera Nissan Best JDM
CA Jeffrey Pestano YES Lexus Best Stance
ID Felix Lopez Garcia YES Bmw Best European
ID Austin Godwin YES Volkswagen Best Stance
WA Jordan Stratton YES Audi Best European
WA Mike Danoski YES Scion Best Function
WA Christian Munoz Subaru Best Stance
WA Sergio Arteaga YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Aton Sirivongsa YES Mitsubishi Best JDM
WA Brandon Long YES BMW Best European
Canada Ben Wang YES Audi Best European
Canada Bryan Finn YES Ford Best Domestic
WA Jacob Johnson Ford Best Domestic
OR David Beeson Volkswagen Best Stance
Canada Yi Jiang BMW Best European
Canada Yuhao Zhang BMW Best European
Canada Keren Zeng BMW Best European
Canada yu rao Porsche Best European
Canada Geoffry Minto Scion Best Function
WA Christopher Hollis Toyota Best Stance
WA James Paz Subaru Best Stance
Canada Stephen Lachocki YES Nissan Best JDM
WA Harman Singh YES BMW Best European
OR Louis Sierra YES Nissan Best JDM
WA Cristian Ortega YES Nissan Best Stance
WA Dylan Chaney YES Hyundai Best Stance
WA Robert Winters YES Lexus Best JDM
Canada Dave Watson Ford Best Domestic
WA Victor Nguyen Honda Best JDM
WA Trenton Culbert YES Lexus Best Stance
WA Garrett Bongers YES Volkswagen Best Stance
Canada Michael Kinney Chevrolet Best Domestic
WA David Salts YES Infiniti Best VIP
Canada Alex Ciceu Porsche Best European
Canada Jason Hill YES Toyota Best JDM
CO Brandon Vigil Chevy Best Domestic
WA Tony Morrone YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Makaili Lorenz YES Honda Best Stance
WA Alex Tran BMW Best European
WA Andrew Nguyen YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Justin Chapman YES Subaru Best Function
WA Justin Williams YES Volkswagen Best European
WA Stephanie Rios YES Nissan Best JDM
WA Chris Walker Subaru Best Stance
WA Devin Niemela YES Scion Best JDM
WA Jordan Micka YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Frank Moreno YES Nissan Best JDM
OR Irian Canuto Honda Best Classic
WA Tyler Scherer YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Kaleb Slagle Nissan Best Stance
WA Kramer Foreman Subaru Best JDM
WA Cristian Garcia Olivera Infiniti Best JDM
WA Vera Keith Oliver BMW Best European
CA Ben Jepson YES Mazda Best Stance
WA Daryl Yourk YES Ford Best Domestic
WA Alec Somers YES Subaru Best Stance
OR Anthony Romero Subaru Best Stance
OR Levi Mohorich YES Nissan Best Function
CA Jedh Boongaling Subaru Best Stance
WA Tereso Calayag Mitsubishi Best Function
OR Roel Chavez YES Lexus Best Stance
WA Rosa Obando honda Best JDM
WA Micheal Huerta BMW Best European
WA Eric Chao YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Daniel Nguyen YES Infiniti Best Stance
NV Sabas Medina YES Mitsubishi Best Function
OR Alex LeClair YES Mazda Best Stance
WA Thomas McDade Subaru Best JDM
Canada Mitchell TenHoeve YES Volkswagen Best European
Canada Christopher Chand Toyota Best Stance
Canada Harman Atwal YES Toyota Best Stance
Canada Harman Atwal Datsun Best Classic
CA Mario Hernandez Subaru Best Stance
WA Dillon Haynes YES Infiniti Best Stance
WA Ernest Gustafson III BMW Best Stance
Canada MAX MILNE YES Scion Best Function
Canada richard humphreys Mazda Best Function
OR Christian Ross Nissan Best Stance
WA Sean Rho BMW Best European
WA Derrick Franzen Scion Best JDM
WA Jeffrey Alejandro Infiniti Best Stance
WA Emilio Yancey YES BMW Best Stance
WA Yevgeniy Kibitskiy YES Nissan Best Stance
WA Tyler Koenig YES Bmw Best European
Canada keane harold banual YES mitsubishi Best Stance
Canada Robert Hartley-Robinson YES Subaru Best Stance
OR Josh klein YES Mazda Best Stance
OR Chris Daley Mazda Best Function
Canada Natalie Mok Nissan Best Stance
Canada Cameron Swift Audi Best Stance
OR Emanuel Rafai Subaru Best Function
OR mark reyes bmw Best European
WA Casey James Subaru Best JDM
WA Adriel Castro bmw Best European
OR Samuel Castro YES BMW Best European
WA Dominick Barger Volkswagen Best European
WA Zane McGee-Lowdermilk YES Mercedes Benz Best European
OR Tanner Day Subaru Best Stance
WA Daniel Luevanos Subaru Best Function
CA Derek Parker BMW Best Stance
WA Carson Ringo Infiniti Best Stance
WA Emmanuel Torres Honda Best Stance
WA Luis Robles YES BMW Best European
WA NAVID HAQ YES Mazda Best Stance
WA Puma Purewal YES Nissan Best Function
WA nikolay konstantinov Toyota Best JDM
WA Manuel Hernandez Franco Honda Best JDM
Canada Luke Ellis YES Nissan Best JDM
WA Andre Harris Scion Best Stance
Canada Alley Tebo Subaru Best JDM
WA Johnathan Tellez YES Audi Best European
UT David May YES Audi Best European
CA dexter Quiros Subaru Best Stance
OR Spencer ZIeman Ford Best Domestic
WA tommy bennys YES NISSAN Best JDM
WA Abraham Guerrero Nissan Best JDM
WA Austin Anyan Scion Best JDM
WA Tyler Hagens BMW Best European
WA Roberto Barajas YES Honda Best Stance
ID Hunter Hawkins YES Subaru Best Stance
ID Mikel Mcmillion YES Chevrolet Best Domestic
WA Trey Saporito YES Acura Best Stance
WA Benjamin Olsen Mazda Best JDM
NY justin mohn nissan Best Stance
WA Kenny Munsinger Mitsubishi Best JDM
OR Oscar Calderon Nisan Best Stance
WA Edgar Garcia Volkswagen Best European
Canada Jonathan Dawson YES Toyota Best Stance
WA Dylan Young YES Nissan Best JDM
WA Mason Walsh YES Honda Best Stance
CA Jedrick Ramks Subaru Best Stance
Canada Christopher Davis Toyota Best VIP
WA ryan rea toyota Best JDM
WA ryan rea Toyota Best JDM
WA Matt Vale YES Saab Best Stance
WA Shonn Kidoguchi YES Infiniti Best VIP
NV Jacob Ramirez Nissan Best JDM
OR Maria Sanchez Nissan Best Stance
ID Dong Huang Mazda Best JDM
WA Thomas Tran Subaru Best Function
WA Jacob Vo Nissan Best JDM
WA Kiaya Robinson Bmw Best European
WA toby watase YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Ruperto Ramirez YES acura Best VIP
ND Eddy Poindexter Subaru Best JDM
OR Cassidy Somers YES Subaru Best Stance
UT Soung Son Nissan Best JDM
WA Jason Kinsman Volkswagen Best European
WA Michael Bravo Honda Best Function
Canada Matt Veevers Toyota Best JDM
OR Brandon Suenaga Subaru Best JDM
WA Eli Churkin Mercedes benz Best European
WA Daniel Vasquez BMW Best European
WA King Allahyar VW Best Classic
OR Edgar Madrigal YES Mitsubishi Best JDM
WA Cole Martin Subaru Best JDM
WA Wong Davin Setiono Ford Best Domestic
WA Erik Sanchez YES Subaru Best JDM
WA Steven Henderson YES Mazda Best Function
Canada Ron Palma YES Dodge Best Domestic
OR Richard Ketchum Dodge Best Domestic
WA Emerald ignacio Lexus Best VIP
WA Cheyenne Welker Mitsubishi Best Stance
Canada Chelsie Lesnoski Scion Best Stance
WA steven verhage mazda Best Function
WA Colby Meehan YES Subaru Best JDM
OR Gage Black   Mitsubishi Best Stance
WA Soleda Lezada Subaru Best Function
WA Michael White Nissan Best JDM
WA Joshua Gould Audi Best European
WA Michelle Girardier Subaru Best Function
WA Kassandra Zolotas Subaru Best JDM
WA Wendell Boone Dodge Best Domestic
WA Julio Navarrete Nissan Best Stance
WA Cesar Rodriguez YES Honda Best Truck\SUV
WA William Akers Lexus Best VIP
WA Puriwat Ratanavongsawad FORD Best Domestic
WA Warren Payton Dodge Best Domestic
OR Reid Stanton Subaru Best JDM
WA GianCarlo Pastrana Subaru Best Stance
WA Jansen Mettao Subaru Best Stance
AL Sergio Palacios Subaru Best Stance
WA cody sandall YES Subaru Best Stance
WA Alex Bergstrom YES Honda Best Stance
ID Andrew Flinn Mitsubishi Best Function
WA Kaitlyn Dover Honda Best Stance
Canada connor harrison YES mazda Best JDM
WA Brian Douglas Kia Best Stance
Canada Oscar Yu Nissan Best JDM
WA Manuel Desantiago Subaru Best JDM
WA Lorenzo Dacanay Toyota Best Function
WA Jason Helmick Scion Best Function
OR Michael Squires YES Mazda Best Stance
OR Kristoffer Guico YES BMW Best European
CA Zach Macgillivray YES Nissan Best Function
OR Benjamin Lam Honda Best Stance
WA John paolo Abela Mitsubishi Best Stance
WA Aaron Jaeggi Subaru Best JDM
WA Ziyang Chen YES Nissan Best Stance



Now the judges will narrow to fit these class numbers to make the #Top100

45 Best Stance
10 Best Function
1 Best Truck\SUV
15 Best JDM
15 Best European
5 Best VIP
10 Best Domistic
0 Best on Two Wheels
3 Best Classic
0 Elite
0 Best VAN
0 Best KDM