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Curly here

Rolling shots are the bane of some photographers existence, and the sole reason others exist. We all know the king of rollers has to be a certain Mr.Chen, but he is not the only one who knows how to capture automotive art in motion.

Some cars don’t suit a roller and some cars come alive as soon as they hit the road… These two fall firmly into the latter category, maybe it’s the bright colours or maybe it’s the tight fitment but whatever it is it has our hearts racing.

The Golf Mk5 you see in front of you has gone through many phases and themes in its life. From plain black, to red, and then finally to this aggressive camo wrap. Amish, the owner, is also the owner of a custom shop called EuroWorx, which means he has all the tools at his fingertips to fiddle with his Mk5 indefinitely. He has always been mad about tight fitment, and is on an eternal quest to improve, be it through the use of more negative camber, wider wheels, subframe mods or anything else which he decides is a good idea. He has the two ingredients for tinkering at his fingertips, namely time and tools, and so you can expect to see the Golf back on our page soon.

The next owner, Chadlin, is in the opposite situation to Amish, in that his line of work keeps him with very little time on his hands, but loads of that funny green paper which gets cars built so quickly. He has gone all out on his Audi S3, paying attention to every aspect of the car and making tweaks wherever he saw fit. Luckily for us he has excellent taste and so his mods suited the car and flowed well with the overall theme. Take a look at the well-loved South African S3 we know as ‘Custard”.