Roll in Information

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the time you are assigned to arrive. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY, there are lot of locations like Eastgate park and Ride to pre-stage and not be in the way. Arriving Early will slow down the load in for everyone involved. DO NOT get your of your vehicle , even if the line is stopped.

Rules and regulations   
No BurnOuts , 2 Step or reckless driving – Police will be Present
You will be prosecuted by Bellevue College and Happenstance – act accordingly

Please drive respectful through the local areas

Please wear your wristband at all times during the event even if you have a badge

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Please listen to ONSITE staff and Police at all times

No movement of cars on floors 4-5 after parked until 10pm

Do not touch the cars on display at the event 
Pets area allowed if controlled , cleaned up after – YOU will be responsible for thier actions  100%

Not permitted on a federal campus

Roll in information

For 2019 we developed a plan with Bellevue PD to use 145 PL to SE24th this year. Along with a few other changes like a “Ground Stop” on 4-5th floors. A “Ground Stop” means no one can move a car after it is parked or before it released at the end of the show. Barricades will be in place to insure people can’t be run over. 

1PM Back Gate ONLY

#Top100 arrives at 2-3PM Northgate ONLY 
#Select arrives at 3-4PM Northgate ONLY 

VIP Parking at 4PM ONLY

Trailer Queens

You need to arrive at 2PM and park in lot 1B before the public and processed out the main gate to the NORTHGATE – See the map above for 1B lot and entrances.

#Top100 – #Select will enter from the 3rd floor gate on the side of the parking structure 
VIP parking will enter from the bottom of the structure in TWO LINES
Vendors will enter from the 4th floor (stage area) Entrance