Roll in information for Saturday

10:30am Volunteers arrive
NOON – all gates closed
1PM Vendors arrive
#top100 arrives at 2-3PM Northgate ONLY
#Select arrives at 3-4PM Northgate ONLY
IAMVIP & Informal at 4PM Northgate ONLY
10PM awards ceremony


Roll in information

For 2019 we developed a plan with Bellevue PD to use 145 PL to SE24th this year. Along with a few other changes like a “Ground Stop” on 4-5th floors. A “Ground Stop” means no one can move a car after it is parked or before it released at the end of the show. Barricades will be in place to insure people can’t be run over. 

#Top100 arrives at 2-3PM Northgate ONLY 
#Select arrives at 3-4PM Northgate ONLY 

Trailer Queens

You need to arrive at 2PM and park in lot 1B before the public and processed out the main gate to the NORTHGATE – See the map above for 1B lot and entrances.