Roll in information

In 2017 we developed a plan that still works great for this year. Please READ the email thoroughly before doing anything 

#Top100 & #Select – Check email for TIME

Both arrive via 148th ave SE to the NorthGate on  SE 24th Street, there will be no stops until you arrive below the garage. All #Top100 & #Select will be pulled the right and proceed to the 3rd floor entrance for check in with Pat & Amy. After check in you’ll be placed on the 3rd floor and called to place by the parking staff.

Use 148th ave SE to the NorthGate on  SE 24th Street , proceed to 3rd floor entrance of garage for check in. Any other directions we will not guarantee you’ll make it into the garageMain gate to garage will be barricaded closed 

Choose your approach.

148th ave SE to the NorthGate on  SE 24th Street, ONLY TO GET INTO THE GARAGE

Trailer Queens

You need to arrive at 2PM and park in lot 1B before the public and processed out the main gate to the NORTHGATE – See teh map above for 1B lot and entrances.