Hi guys, Curly here.

This past weekend I attended VDubFest 2K18 in a resort called Warmbaths, north of Johannesburg. It is an annual Mecca for VW fans in the country, and prompts many of them to go to great lengths to build/rebuild their cars, spending insane amounts of time, money and effort in order to be the big attraction at the show.

Some of you may have followed the story of Jamie Orr from Orchid Euro flying to South Africa and buying a Citi Golf to swap a 3.6l V6 motor from a US spec Passat into, and then driving the car to a VW museum, then off to Worthersee and the Nurburgring.

The car that won Best of Show this year, and last year, and 2014, were all Mk1 Golfs… Two were bagged and one was static. The static Golf was the first static car to win in ages, which got me thinking about the current resurgence we are seeing in old school cars dominating the stance scene and being taken to new heights by dedicated builders. What is it about an old car that makes it gel so well with modern customisation? One would think that contemporary styles and mods would be more in line with the newer range of cars, but yet time and again we see classic VWs coming alive with the deft touch of a builder with the right vision.

Maybe rust has some primal allure to us car guys, which reminds of us our Iron Age days…