Akira Nakai – San returns to Portland Oregon for his third build! The car is a 1997 993. It has a Rothsport built 3.8 with upgraded gear box. Wheels by Vossen, Tires by Nitto, Exhaust by Borla, suspension by KW, seats by Bride, headlamps by The RetroFit Source. Paint and body by Sandy Auto Body. And of course assistance and preassembly by 503 Motoring. This is my first RWB build i have ever filmed! It is truly an amazing experience seeing a master artist create his art in person. He is one of the most modest and insanely-hard working craftsman. He builds each and every RWB Porsche and ensures quality by controlling nearly all the variables, all the way down to installation. He circles the globe several times a year, Nakai- San visits garages, homes, and events installing his kit on any variety of 964 or 993 Porsche 91. I look forward to filming more RWB builds! Special thanks to Joe for inviting everyone to the build, and A special thanks to 503 Motoring and RWB Portland for hosting the build! Also huge special thanks and shoutouts to SKURAWEEKLY & Five50 Drone Solutions for helping me get footage for the Build! Go check out their channel for more content of the build! I also want to a special thanks to Matt Gonzalez for sharing some oh his camera lens with Me! go check out his talented work and his photos from the build!