Project Nv200 is about to get a height change

So many of you know, we’ve owned this little gem for about two years and recently took her to Cali twice this spring and salt lake and about a month ago to Denver. Hell , I think we finally have 30,000 miles on it. We took the plunge and Linked up with Alex Kings of TunerGoods , around loud mouth and bad boy of mods.  I seeked out him for his debt for BC Coilovers to get a not so common part for the NV200.

While here in the US we’re using them for service and delivery in Asia they are the new toy for VanKulture. Yesterday we received our ship date for our coils for the little NV200. Our made to order set of Coilovers are V1 series and should give us the aggressive drop we want.

More to come

If you remember we bought some BBS Impul Wheels and had them fully rebuilt by Shore Polishing and Finishing with owner Frank after he built me a set of RS for the black money pit. Then off to Wrapjax for a full treatment of coating of craziness.