Project D3A8 was simply one of the best cars I ever owned. Thank you Shawn Walsh for this inspiring shot. Many folks wonder why I would sell such a great car. The truth is not the hard to believe.

When I saw Brian’s car at SEMA I had to have it. Little did many folks know that I bought a White V12 and backed out of sale and told Brian all about it at a party. Few days later I got a text that Brian was on the way back from Vegas with this black beauty. After SEMA Brian and I had a conversation and I planned a trip to California to pick her up.

Why I would sell such a great car ?

The best way to understand this is to look at the success of StanceWars itself. Simply, I needed to free up the car payment to fund the expansion of our tour and make bigger risks. Sometimes you need to give up things to move forward. Looking back now we went form one great car to SEMI’s, Trailers and Vans. We hope that in 2019 we will build something fun again. Its time, its a must and hell I wanna have more fun. 


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