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StanceWars is back in Las Vegas and its bigger and better then ever before! This years video we worked with Valley Static to get rollers and the sick night shots at Ikea. there were so many cars to film and over three thousand people attend the Las Vegas Show, if you thought this show was big go to the Seattle show. last year there was over 11,000 people who attended

Music Used Blood Wolf 狼 – White Stag https://soundcloud.com/joshuabloodwol… BOBBY SAN | THEHASHCLIQUE – F*CK THIS SH*T https://soundcloud.com/bobbyxan/fuck-… NVTE – DRIFT https://soundcloud.com/nvtetrap/drift NIGHTGRINDD’VOCEAN 海 – (NIGHTGRIND & HYPERFORMS remix) https://soundcloud.com/nightgrind/dvo… Ohota – Full Metal Dildo https://soundcloud.com/ohota/full-met… $UICIDEBOY$ – $UICIDEBOY$ x GETTER – STOP CALLING US HORRORCORE https://soundcloud.com/g59/stopcallin… j dub beats -revelation w/ bste https://soundcloud.com/jdubbalub/reve… Yung Hurn – Yung Hurn – Eisblock (Official Audio) https://soundcloud.com/user-409034444…