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Words by Mike Tolliver photos by Jonnyfive Video by Jonathan Teso

PNW Springmeet, but what about NissanFest

While many of you know me from the “stance” scene I had a life in the European community before StanceWars. PNWSpingmeet (FB) fell on the same day as Nissanfest again. Last year it worked perfectly and we hit both but that was last year. Well until we have some amazing cloning Mike cant be everywhere at once. Below was best of show , a 65 notch in silver arrow paint with red leather interior . Beautiful and vary rare. Below is kick butt video from NissanFest .


So here I present you various amazing classics and rusty goodness for your viewing pleasure

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. Well I also have a sweet video piece via Jonathan Teso captured from NissanFest

His Youtube channel linkwww.youtube.com/channel/UCkXEpzBFxtLKFWRRO6rWMWA