Boden Autohaus x Toyo Tire x  SuperStreet Meet 2016

Words and Photos - Ryan Jouhari

Wow. This event left me even more speechless than the last year. The enormous turnout last year, was nothing compared to the crowds that gathered on this gloomy Saturday morning. Boden has become immensely popular through their excellent work on all sorts of vehicles. They have a large following, especially when it comes to higher end and heavily modded cars. The result? A turnout of every make, model, and build you could imagine. Another reason this meet is so popular, is the fact that it is a free meet, that is if you could find parking on any street that wasn’t already flooded with modified cars. For the owners who might not like sending applications to shows to register, or paying for a spot in a show, this meet is where they can still show off their builds. Definitely will be going for the following years that this event is hosted, and I’m excited to see how much bigger it can get!


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