Be prepared for the day

  1. Got some cash for ticket ?
  2. Got (4) 4way photos ?
  3. Video – its doesnt need to be this big production, a smart video walking around your car telling the judges about your ride is the best way to get inside the judges minds.

It’s these simple things you need to be ready.

What do I expect for registering – You’ll need to have access to a few things. We’ll need your make and model with a shirt size to take care of you. We’ll need your instagram or team name so we don’t have to ask on Instagram later. We’ll want to know what wheels , offsets and tires your running so we can get you in booth or near a booth at setup. You’ll need four great photos. I highly suggest 4 way photos , so more like 16 photos (see the example below). These don’t need to be pro shots but cell phone shots wouldn’t be the best to represent your vehicle.  You have the choice of adding a video as well. It doesn’t need to be a huge production but we do love those as well. See the examples below. then it’s a giant waiting game. About 3 weeks before the event we’ll know who’s going to be where and where you’ll be.

4 way photo ( this is one photo submitted)

Great example of judges video


All Vehicles entered are subject to review by Mike and then the judges. Vehicles are reviewed upon entry to insure the quality of the event. Some cars are rejected before judging. Once cars are in our system they are put into classes. Each class is allowed a certain number of vehicles in the event. Most classes are FIVE vehicles. After each vehicle is classed our judge’s blind rank the entries to determine the vehicles for the #Top100 by each class.


Example – You have a Rocket bunny FRS on three piece wheels and air-ride. Likely you would be put in Best Stance or Best Function. Best function has 15 openings in the event and Best Stance has 50 openings. Judges for “Best Stance” look at all 50 cars together and rank them 1-50, cars over 50 in this example are moved to VIP and given the same rights and goodies as the #Top100. They just don’t get the “approved” sticker in their gift packs. In Seattle they are one floor below the show, in Vegas they are on the other side of the vendors.  Houston is undecided.


The cars not selected are moved to #Select100 and given the same rights and goodies as the #Top100.