So how did this all start

Today a good friend reminded me that today was anniversary of the first StanceWars in 2011, thank you Paul. I was chilling the other night out where we park the semi truck with Rene and we talked about it, how far this has come, where its heading.


I’m going to make this short and hit a few highlights and skip a ton for another story, another time. StanceWars wouldn’t be possible without a few faces and string of learning life events. While traveling to an event in southern California an idea was born.  How to use Dave’s extra day at a venue and bring some major talent to town. Its started with TailoredSeattle . If you’ve heard of tailored than that’s the point. We partnered with StanceWorks to do an event because we thought we needed a major players to make it happen. I needed to tap into more than just the euro guy’s so along came Paul Bruney to bring something original to the Northwest. But I quickly learned that partners don’t always share the same passion and bring bring their preformed opinions. I’m not talking about Paul or any other my other friends, I’m talking players. There was a point, why aren’t I doing this.

“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done” -thomas jefferson

So a plan was quickly formed with Paul, Rene, Dave and Myself to do another event with our vision and no players and that’s how StanceWars was born. Friends, ideas and our love of wheels. That first year we had about 500-600 people and 90 cars including our own. Four years later its amazing to see what has progressed. We’ve come so far and yet we are where I dreamed we would be. I still believe that StanceWars is one of the best events country wide or world wide. We listen, we innovate, and dream fuckin huge. We’ve made some mistakes, but we’ve done some cool stuff along the way.

“your future will emulate your past if you don’t learn from your past experiences” -unknown

This year we are planning alot of new things for the original Seattle event, some better, some for  necessity. Did I say original event ? We been cooking things up all summer and maybe at StanceWars Seattle or in our upcoming documentary we’ll go into that further.  For now I leave you this this thought.

” The only time you should look back , is to see how far you’ve come ” -unknown


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