Offset Kings Long Beach 2015 Hellaflush Via StanceWars Artist Matt Rosendahl

Offset Kings in Long Beach brings you nothing but the very best of Southern California’s car scene.
Song: Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn (Lucian x Mickey Valen Remix


This was my first year going to Offset Kings Long Beach since they renamed the whole event. I had the chance to take the day off from work on Friday to film the roll in of all the cars. As a fairly new videographer this was a new and cool experience for me. Seeing all the nicest cars from Southern California and some other states was mind blowing. I woke up early the next morning to pick up some friends before heading out to Long Beach for the day. Early in the morning you could already feel the Southern California heat kick in. After getting into the actual event we walked on over to my brothers car to get my camera gear and set up chairs for the long day. The environment inside the Offset Kings car show was insane. During the intermission of the Formula Drift event, everyone swarmed over to the car show. The event was so packed at that point that you could barely walk without bumping shoulders with someone else. After filming some of the event it was finally time for a snow cone break. Waiting in line for the snow cone felt like the longest 5 minutes of my life. While I was enjoying an ice cold snow cone, I finally got to look at the show as spectator instead of a videographer. Kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the nice beach like weather just gives you a feeling like no other. Seeing all the crews and people brought together because of the car scene is definitely a sight to see. After a day of seeing old friends and meeting new ones had come to an end, it was time we made our way back home. Until next year Long Beach