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Words and photos by Ryan Jouhari

Official Coverage Offset Kings 2015 at Formula Drift in Long Beach

Offset Kings 2015 at Formula Drift in Long Beach, California was a huge success. With the quality of the cars showing this year being nothing but top notch, it was surely an event you didn’t want to miss. It started on a perfect Saturday afternoon with clear skies and a cool breeze from the ocean. As soon as we entered, we headed over to the Offset Kings showcase to check out the cars. Being a local event to me, friends were all around, every few minutes it seemed like I was seeing someone I knew. A lot of the cars out there this year had previously shown at this event, although their cars had changed substantially. I was really impressed to see a variety of cars I had never seen, including some vendor’s booth cars such as RWB, who brought out their lineup up Porsche’s. I managed to get some coverage before the intermission of Formula Drift, because as soon as that break started, the show was packed full of spectators. The popularity of this event never fails to blow my mind. Tickets for this event sell out every year, and it seems like it happens quicker than ever before. If you haven’t seen Offset Kings in Long Beach, you are missing out on a great show.

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