News update from Mike

#Top100    When do we find out? I’m committing to July1 or before. I’ve been awaiting my last judge to finish a few of the classes. I know right now that we have forty two in the #Top100 and fifty six that are being moved to VIP Select. That leaves one judge with 102 left to review and class.  Once that’s done I’ll start to send out notices for #Top100.

update – last night the head judge competed the last few classes ….. we now know who is in the #Top100 ! 

Tickets     I purchased a VIP package and do passengers need anything? Yes, they will need a general admission wristband. Purchase there or at the gate before the event.

When do we get to arrive? Well if you purchased a ticket from TheFoat.com you will be notified via email. Top100 arrive at 4:30pm. VIP’s arrive at 5:30pm and will have a dedicated entrance for each group to arrive at.


What else is going on. Well we have been getting media attention and have asked some great folks from around the nation to join us on projects. So Chris Petruccio Photography , Ryan Jouhari Photography and Matt Rosendahl will be flying in for this year’s event. There also maybe a few other guest stars.  We have been working our butts off checking off lists for Seattle but in the background working on Vegas and a new side project titled “StanceWars Elite” for some partnership projects in the fall of this year.

TexasGeorgiaFlorida   I want to be upfront and no surprises here. If you’re asking if we like these locations we can say “Yes we do “. We might like them so much that we might be doing something at one or more of them very soon. Just keep watching and asking.