~StanceWars put out some feelers a while back on their nearly 500k strong Facebook page asking for a car-crazy writer passionate about the scene and thus stumbled across Duncan “Curly” Ward, a young writer from South Africa who has taken on the position of content creator on the site. Welcome Curly!~

Hi guys, Curly here

I’ll be showcasing the content I find interesting on my way around the web, from the infinitely expanding Euro scene to the crazy Japs and the ever-evolving drifters. To begin with I’ll show you guys some builds from SA that I find ¬†encapsulate some of the style we have grown into over here. Hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to message the page if you’re not happy with any content or are interested in any of the builds.

We’ll start off with a pretty cool bagged Jetta 6 on some timeless custom-built BBS Speedlines in a copper finish with special hardware. In addition, the front bumper was flushed, the rear bumper was flushed and the bootlid had a slimline spoiler moulded into it. This belongs to “Gazzatron”, ¬†a prominent member and resident meme-lord of the VW Club of SA. He previously built a mental Mk5 with a full Red Bull theme then decided to go for a family car which was intended to “stay stock” for a while… As we all know that never lasts and this is the result.

Next up is a bagged S2k belonging to a long-time member of the SA car scene, Yaeesh. This was one of the first S2000s to be bagged in the country, and has grown from strength to strength since then, constantly being reinvented in new and imaginative ways by it’s resourceful owner. His latest endeavour sees his cherry red Honda getting a wide body treatment courtesy of some super wide Work Meister reps fitting snugly into the overfenders. An obligatory fat wing made it’s way on to the rear end and that was the look complete. From then on it was a couple of cosmetic touches here and there and the car was unveiled and went on to make waves throughout SA.

That’s all from me this time, stay locked on Stancewars for more fresh content every week!