Hello registered media – Whether you are an Elite or Associate Media its time to start the media contests.

Best Video – Winner gets $500 cash or airfare to one of our events.
Best Single Photo – Winner gets $75 for a single photo.

All entries must be emailed to Mike @ Happenstanceevents.com by 6 PM Oct 19th to be entered.

Best Video – We’re looking for the best video about StanceWars Seattle. The video should be under 12 minutes (prefer 3min) and 75GB in size at 4K. Submit a URL from Youtube. We’ll download and use it on all of our media outlets with use rights. Krispy media is the only person not allowed to enter. The winner will be chosen by StanceWars staffer.

Best Single Photo – Best single photo from the show showing essence or vibe will be chosen by StanceWars staffer. Media can submit 2 photos each for each category.

These are the categories you can enter. Photos must be labeled with owner and categories.
1- Show Vibe
2- Vendor Sponsor Booth
3- Vehicle / Flyer photo

Rules – Must be a registered media to win. Rules can be changed at any time by StanceWars. Payments will be in cash, PayPal or airline tickets & hotel stays.