Story by Ryan Jouhari Pictures by Ryan Jouhari

I met Michael several years ago, before he had done anything to his car. We both shared an interest in the stance scene, and it was only a matter of time before he began building his Audi A3. I’ve seen this car come along piece by piece, lending a hand late at night here and there.

Why this car?

I chose this car because I’ve always loved the way Audi’s have looked from every angle, especially from the rear! I knew I wanted to build an A3 when I was deciding which Audi to buy.


How many cars have you built?

This is my first car I’ve ever built, but it sure isn’t going to be the last! I’ve definitely learned a lot about working on your car, and you begin to appreciate it more.

What was the hardest to do on this car?

The hardest thing I had to do was to install the accuair e-level management. It was a very tedious and time consuming task!

What do people NOT notice on this car ?

The small touches, such as the boost gauge in the driver’s air vent, the smiley face valve stem caps, etc.

If you did this again what WOULD YOU NOT do?

Previous to having the air setup, I had ST coilovers, I regret going coilovers at first, and wish I had gone straight to air. I wasn’t able to achieve the look I wanted on coilovers, and I don’t have to worry about cracking an oil pan with air.


What do you think of people copying you?

I wouldn’t mind people copying me, because everyone has their own style to build. Some people share the same mindset, and like the same things. It’s just a car, as long as it’s built how you want it, then there’s nothing wrong with having the same setup as another.

What is your dream car? 

My dream car without a doubt would have to be a Porsche 964 Turbo, I hope to pick one up in the near future!

What got you into modifying cars?

The first meet I attended was Infamous a few years back at Long Beach. Ever since then I knew I wanted to tinker with cars. It helps that my friends share the same interests as me, and I’ve been getting really into it as time goes on.

How long have you been into cars?

I’ve been into cars since I was young, around the age of 10 years old or so is when I became interested in cars. Watching my dad drive his manual Porsche truly helped inspire my passion for cars.

Future plans for the build?

I want to do a lot more to this car, changing out the wheels for something 3 piece is one of the main things. I also want to redo my trunk setup, with wood floors and a trap door.

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