Meet the Owners of the #Top100

Hand curated by 4 judges from 300+ entries. While many think its a easy task, it’s actually very hard to tell 200+ that your not making it and there is someone that we think is doing it slightly better that you. Every year I hear this car should have made it and that car made it and it crap. That’s the reason for 5 of us to review cars. No one single person can black ball a car and no one single person can get a car in. Its simple but people still this it’s rigged or bias and thats something that really bothers me. I’ve always been upfront, and happy to be honest with anyone. If I thought it would work I would let 500 cars in , but looking at 5-8 other shows in North America it really isn’t. Nothing Like 14 hour show because there are too many to park or move in, too many to judge and too many to look at and get bored.

Keep the world small and manageable and make it the best place possible – Mike Tolliver 


Best Stance
Clifford Joe Porsche Cayman MV Forged AVT-1 3 piece 19×10.5- Bagged Best Stance
Tyler Scherer Subaru Wrx SSR SP1 18×11 Bagged Best Stance
Louis Sierra Nissan 350z Volk TE37V Mark II Bagged Best Stance
Robert Hartley-Robinson Subaru Impreza WRX STI Work VS KF 18×11 Static Best Stance
boeuth beua lexus gs300 19×10 fronts and 19×12 rears Leon Hardritts Bugels Bagged Best Stance
Gurjit Gill Subaru Impreza STI Work miester s13p 18×11 Bagged Best Stance
John Shih Mazda Mazda 3 Work Meister M1 3P 18×9.5 Bagged Best Stance
Edgar Pardo Ramos Infiniti G37 Work rezax 2 19×10.5 19×11.5 Bagged Best Stance
Dayne myers Subaru Sti sevenk genos 18×10 +15 all brushed Bagged Best Stance
Eduardo Pineda Bmw M4 GTS Rotiform Bagged Best Stance
Harman Atwal Toyota Supra Weds Kranze Lxz Bagged Best Stance
Justin Tidwell Subaru Outback XT Herritage Hokkaido’s 18×10 Bagged Best Stance
daniel nguyen infiniti g35 coupe AG’s F421 19×10.5 -26 & 19×11 Bagged Best Stance
Caden Sparks Mazda Rx7 GMR gs-9’s. 18 x 9  18 x 11.5. Bagged Best Stance
Mark Bello Infiniti Q70L Leon Hardiritt Orden / 20×10.5 Bagged Best Stance
Toby Watase Subaru Wrx wagon 326 power, yabaking mesh, 18×10 Static Best Stance
Christopher Chand Toyota MR2 Turbo Work Equip 05 – 18×10  & 18×11.5 Static Best Stance
Stephanie Rios Nissan 350z Heritage 3pc, Ebisu Bagged Best Stance
Casey Murphy Subaru Forester Weds kranze bazreias, 5×100(uncommon) 18×10.5 Bagged Best Stance
Sergio Arteaga Subaru Sti Weds Kranze lxz 18×10.5 Bagged Best Stance
Jose Silva Audi S5 Ferrada fr2 Bagged Best Stance
Marcus Allen Volkswagen GTI WCI BP1s 18×8.5  & 18×10.5 Static Best Stance
Brian Villegas Nissan 370z Nismo Avant Garde F520 20×13/20×11 Bagged Best Stance
Mitch Blake Subaru 2011 WRX Limited SSR Vienna Dish, 18×9.75 Bagged Best Stance
Cassidy Somers Subaru Legacy Outback XT WCI CR 1 18×10 Static Best Stance
Gavin Goanz Nissan 370z Avant- Garde F420, 20×11 20×12 Best Stance
Dominick Barger Volkswagen GTI 3pc Forged Series ESR ES-10’s in brushed silver 18×12 18×10.5 Bagged Best Stance
luke inman mazda miataaaa work meister s12p Static Best Stance
Alex Bergstrom Honda Civic Weds Kranze LXZ Static Best Stance
NAVID HAQ Mazda Mazdaspeed6 Autostrada Modena Ferrari F40.  18×9.5 3.5in lip, 18×10 Bagged Best Stance
David Beeson Mazda Static Best Stance
Mitch Vorbeck BMW M3 BBS RS 17X10 17X11.5 Bagged Best Stance
Samuel Castro BMW E46 M3 MV FORGED Bagged Best Stance
Aaron Jaeggi Subaru Wrx Work VS-SS 18×9.5 Bagged Best Stance
Anthony Romero Subaru WRX Hatchback Vip Modular vx310 Bagged Best Stance
Chris Moffitt Subaru Wrx Ccw lm5t Bagged Best Stance
Vicente Velazquez Hyundai Genesis coupe Work Meisters s1 3p front 19×11.5  Rear 19×12.5 Bagged Best Stance
Kevin Le Scion FR-S SSR Vienna Kries but will be on Work Emitz Static Best Stance
steven verhage mazda 6 riverside trafficstars. Front are 19×9.5   rears are 19×10 Bagged Best Stance
Alex Soukkay Acura Tsx Heritage Wheels Hokkaidos 18×10  all around Static Best Stance
Kaleb Slagle Nissan 300zx TT Heritage HOKKAIDO-Directionals 18×9.5 18×10.5 Static Best Stance
Macaully Lakin Honda S2000 Work CR Kiwami 18×10.5 +22 Bagged Best Stance
edgar moncivais 8 Infiniti Kranze lxz 20×11 Bagged Best Stance
Eric Chao Subaru Brz Static Best Stance
ryan rea toyota soarer SSR Mk-2R Bagged Best Stance
jesse sellers Nissan Skyline GTST SSR Koenig 18×9.5  18×10 Static Best Stance
Jordan Nguyen Honda Civic SI Custom Work Ryver 18×10/12 (6/8 chrome inch lips) Bagged Best Stance
Jaleel Wardak Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Rotiform tmb 3 piece Best Stance
Levi Mohorich Nissan 240sx Work Meister sp1 Bagged Best Stance


Best VIP
Alex Cuervo Lexus Is300 wed kranze borphes 18×10.518×9.5 Bagged Best VIP
WIng Lau Lexus LS460 22″ Forgiato Vizzo   22×10 front 22×11 rear Bagged Best VIP
Shonn Kidoguchi Infiniti Q45 Weds Kranze Bazriea 19×9.5  19×11 Bagged Best VIP
Shawn Ganal Lexus Ls430 Trafficstar DTX 19×10.5/12.5 Bagged Best VIP
Ebony Adams Toyota Crown athlete estate  19″ Static Best VIP
Ruperto Ramirez Acura Tl type s VIP modular vl550  18×11.5 all around with 5 and 6 inch lips Bagged Best VIP


Best Truck\SUV
Mainthan To Toyota Sienna Ferrada FR4 20×10.5 Bagged Best Truck\SUV
Felix Mok Nissan Quest Rotiform forged , 21X9 Bagged Best Truck\SUV
Eduardo Pineda Bmw X5M Rotiform Bagged Best Truck\SUV
Ben Wang Mazda 5 work wheels emitz, 19×9.5 Bagged Best Truck\SUV


Best JDM (default class)
Nikolai Miller Mazda Rx-7 Varstowen 18/9.5  18/10.5 Static Best JDM (default class)
Emmanuel Torres Honda Civic Avant Garde. 16×9.5 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Logan King Subaru WRX STi Currently varrstoen ES6 18×9.5 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Puma Purewal Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Advan Yokohama GT 18×10 Static Best JDM (default class)
Matthew Chan Scion Frs Sevenk Vega Static Best JDM (default class)
Paul Tait Honda Accord Wagon SiR SuperSpeed Flow Form R03RR 18×9.5 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Jordan Micka Subaru Brz RVL Wheels 18x10F 18x11R Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Justin Chapman Subaru XV Crosstrek Enkei RPF1 18×9.5  Custom Gloss Black Powdercoat Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Alvin Hui Subaru Wrx Regamaster Evo 18×10.5 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Jacob Romero Mitsubishi Evolution 3 GMR-10 17×9.5 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Jason Helmick Scion FRS Weds Kranz Cerberus II 18×10 front, 18×11.5rear Bagged Best JDM (default class)
rahim habib nissan 240sx weds kranze lxz 18×11.5, 18×13 Static Best JDM (default class)
James Pham Honda Civic Avant Garde F141 Bagged Best JDM (default class)
Reid Stanton 2002 subaru Wrx Works vskf Bagged Best JDM (default class)


Best Function
Tyler Morales Hyundai Genesis coupe r-spec Weds kranze shoki 19×11 19×12 Static Best Function
Chelsie Lesnoski Scion FR-S Work Meister M1, 9.5×18 10.5×18 Best Function
Stephen Lachocki Nissan Laurel Leon Hardriritt Ordens 18×10.5- Bagged Best Function
Brady Yundt Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Work Meister, 18×11 Static Best Function
Geoff Minto Scion FRS Volk TE37V MkII 18×9.5 18×9.5 Static Best Function
Michael Jenkins Subaru WRX Limited CCW Classics 18×9.5 Static Best Function
Richard Humphreys Mazda Rx-7 Enkei Rs05rr Static Best Function
Steven Henderson Mazda Miata Work Meister M1 16×9.5 Bagged Best Function


Best European
Bogdan’ Gorash Audi A7 Ferrada FR2 20×11.5 Bagged Best European
Jeffery Dickinson BMW 335i AG M310 19×8 front 19×9.5 Bagged Best European
Jason Peckman BMW 325is E30 BBS RS 16×9 Static Best European
Jordan Stratton Audi A4 Watercooled IND, 18×10.5 MD1 Bagged Best European
colby shields BMW E30 325 BBS Strosek 9.5J x17    10.5J Bagged Best European
Jonathan Rodriguez Volkswagen 2011 jetta congress forged jeffersons 1801 17×10  4.5″ lips rear 17×10  3.5″ lip front Bagged Best European
Mitchell TenHoeve Volkswagen Jetta GLI BBS RS2 Bagged Best European
Ryan Hasson Volkswagen GTI BBS RS’S Bagged Best European
Ben Wang Audi TT Work Grand Seeker 19×9.5 , 19x 10.5  or BBS RS, 17×9 , 17×11 Bagged Best European
Noah Lundquist Audi RS4 BBS LM 20×10 et22 Bagged Best European
Eli Churkin Mercedes Benz 300ce Lorinser Static Best European
Daniel Vasquez BMW M3 touring Veilside Andrew V, 18×9.5 18×11 Bagged Best European
Rob Evo (Kothenbeutel) BMW M3 MV Forged, 20×11  20×13.5 , Bagged Best European
Walter Jones Aston Martin Vantage Roadster AC Forged Static Best European
King Allahyar VW GTI BBS RS Static Best European


Best Domestic
BRYAN TALLMADGE 2018 Charger HELLCAT Skol sk2 (Brixton Forged) Bagged Best Domestic
Emily Larsen Ford Fusion SEL SSR Vienna Dish Bagged Best Domestic
Wendell Boone Dodge Charger Scat Pack 20×10 20×11 Bagged Best Domestic
Richard Ward Dodge Challenger Ferrada Bagged Best Domestic


Best Classic
Dion Hargrove Mazda Rx7 Original 80s SSR reverse mesh, 14×9 14×8.5 Static Best Classic
Travis Gleaves Datsun 620 Pickup Ray TE37X 16×8 Static Best Classic
Cason Brown Volvo 245 McLean 100 spokes; 17×9 Bagged Best Classic
Austin Seeling Bmw 528e Bbs RS Static Best Classic