Meet Patrick Elliott II and Mike Jones- #Top100 hopefuls

I bet you think Patrick made it into the #Top100 but you would be wrong. How could he not make it you ask ? He’s bagged, three piece wheels and his fit and finish are on a level that most aren’t. Patrick was classed into ” Best Stance ” along with fifty two others and this class we are only taking the best thirty five cars into the #Top100. Simply he didn’t have three votes “YES” to move forward and was VIP selected.one Judge gave him a “No” vote.


Now meet Mike Jones, bagged , tons of imported parts and flawless detail and in the ” Best European” he made it into the #Top100.  But for reasons we cant disclose Mike can’t attend Seattle this year and has removed himself. What does this all mean ? Without Mike attending Patrick was moved from VIP Select to #Top100 .

  1. Dont count yourself out till the day of StanceWars
  2. Even if you’re winning shows don’t think you made to the #Top100
  3. Be yourself , be happy and who cares about a $140 22inch plexi cut in half custom one off trophy that will be that jewel of your house or garage.

So please help me congratulate Patrick in joining the #Top100 for Seattle. -mike

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