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Current openings (seattle)

Video Editor – Youtube Channel Editor

Please note it is somewhat of an internship\part time \ side work for you. We are looking for someone early in their career and is up and coming or who has extra time to make a little extra cheddar. We are national brand based in Seattle who travels 40-50 weeks a year. Who is starting our own YOUTUBE Channel. We have several documentaries, and hundred of video’s about us.

• Video editing from raw footage to final product

We will provide you with raw footage to build vlog & episodes from. You will edit in title sequence,various segments,titles and ending sequence every week. Graphics and texts will need to be added and FX would be bonus.Then upload to our channel for public viewing weeks later.

Minimum qualifications:
• You own equipment and software to edit with
• Experience with editing videos and working with video editing software
• Experience with editing audio files
• Experience with creating titles and FX

Job Advantages & Perks:
• Creative freedom and influence in creating meaningful online content for a growing youth automotive brand.
• First-hand experience in producing original video content
• Opportunities for growth in the company.
• Opportunities for travel to various events

Our goal is to create 1-2 shows a week, your editing work will be divided into (4) 13 week contracts for the year.

This is part-time, work from your location and upload final product to youtube. Our budget is 8-10 hours a week to start with. As time moves we can increase hours with more responsibility and roll. Opportunity in ownership is possible with effort. 

Email – Mike @ HappenstanceEvents.Com