Legends Never Die – Rusty Slammington Returns

Rusty Slammington is back, and screaming louder than ever at 9,000 RPM. With our friend Jared Houston on the video camera, and with Keith Ross on stills, we let Rusty Slammington loose on the streets of California. With the opportunity to finally share a bit of the E28 that even Satan himself can't kill, the StanceWorks family did what we do best. Enjoy.See the article and dozens of photos: http://www.stanceworks.com/2017/10/legends-never-die-rusty-slammington-the-unkillable-bmw-e28/A special thanks to Jared Houston for producing this video.Follow @jaredbhouston for more video work, and @keithrossphoto too.

Posted by StanceWorks on Monday, October 2, 2017


A buddy of mine reposted this yesterday and I thought about seeing Rusty at SEMA a few years ago, take a look and enjoy Mike’s dream.