H2Oi 2019 Official After Movie Presented by Bag Riders

H2Oi is a Disneyland of sorts for the car community. There’s something for everyone and cool things to look at every direction. If you look hard enough too you’ll most likely see someone doing a burnout and someone getting their car impounded. I’ve filmed this weekend of automotive magic for years now and this year was one of most chaotic and wild yet. I teamed up with Mike and Preston to create the longest H2Oi after movie Ive mad thus far. Bag Riders hoped on this year as well to allow me to once again film the weekend on a set of Anamorphic lenses. I figured I’d go out with a bang. What does that mean? After all these years of filming and creating some amazing imagery for you guys I’ve finally came to the realization that I’m not enjoying what was once a vacation for me. Its turned into work and some play and an unbalanced amount of stress. So with that being said I will not be filming an H2Oi After Movie this year (2020). HOWEVER I do have plans in place to still have an After Movie for the channel for this year I will announce later that involves the community. In 2020, now that the Legacy is done, I am going to be driving that down and enjoying the weekend having drinks with my friends, yelling at cars to do burnouts, going to the beach, and just not having a care about filming every waking second of the day. I can’t wait to see what that will feel like. I will still be having a merch meet up and exclusive merch for H2Oi so don’t worry about that. There’s a ton of madness that goes on in the city, that I take some blame for, hopefully sitting out this year will quell some of that and return some normalcy. I’m all for burnouts and crazy cars but somethings got a little out of hand last year. So with all that being said lets try and make this the biggest H2Oi After Movie yet! Thank you guys for the continued love and support and I hope you understand and enjoy this years After Movie! Thank you to everyone that helped in anyway possible making this years movie what it is.