The Seattle Experience

The #Top100 aren’t the only ones to have all the fun. This year we created a transparency for YOU!  Just add your OWN photo to CREATE your memory. Just hit the LINK below and put it over your own photo. Then, just share it!     Get your photo here

It’s time to share that you’re attending StanceWars

Thank you for being part of the experience of StanceWars. Our event is one of the favorite events in the Northwest and known worldwide because of people like YOU !!!

  • 100 of the best preselected cars worth the price of admission
  • Super tasty food trucks selected by Mike’s fat belly
  • 600+ cars in the garage modified and over modified
  • 6,000 cars on campus to look and drool over
  • Explore Bellevue College and see a campus that you might attend
  • INVITE friends and family to see the experience

Visit THEFOAT.COM for tickets now

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Being GUEST doesn’t stop you from BEING a Volunteer at our experience. In fact it gives you better insight into what it takes to put on the event. JOIN US & VOLUNTEER 


We’re dropping the heat for Seattle this summer. With (11) new shirts, (7) new flight tags (18) new slaps and collection of Artdecks,  #OURLIFE is HUGE for StanceWars lifestyle or SHOP NOW