IFO Woodburn May 27th

Well that was an experience. I didn’t have the time to go down early for the weekend, that meant that I had to go day of the event. Woodburn is 3 hrs from Seattle at 75mph with now traffic. Would there be traffic on the three day weekend ?

The day started at 4am , I needed to get a wake and do the 2 hours of prep for the day that is required. Facebook posts and website stories to get up and running. By 5am I was hitting the shower and then kiss the wife and out the door.

I was lucky , the traffic was hella light and the NV200 was at max power at 80mph with the cruise control set.  I small stop at 7am for a drive though breakfast and I was back on the road due to arrive at 8:15am at Woodburn Drag strip. Small chat with Jarred and I was getting setup with Heather and Ian for the day. Lucky Ian brought along Kendall at well.


We snapped a few pics from the event.