How did he win

Insight by Mike Tolliver

So how does the #Top100 get chosen and how just judging really work for StanceWars?  After hearing rumors about “how did he win “and “that trophy was taken back” I decided we should talk about how the whole process works from beginning to end. There are no secrets to the process, if you asked me on the street I wouldn’t tell you anything different.

How is #Top100 chosen? In the past few years we barley had enough cars to choose from. Year one I think we had 92 cars on the top floor, 4 were mine, and 7 were staff cars. Year two staff parked on the ramp. Year three we had 125 cars apply, and only told one they didn’t make #Top100, the rest fell aside as the show got closer. For twenty fifteen we wanted to make it open to 200 applicants and choose the best 100 for the show.

What is the difference between #Top100 and #VipSelect ? The size of the windshield sticker and the shape. #Top100 parked on the top floor of the garage and VIP Select parked one floor below. Both got stuffed swag bags and both got tee shirts with two parking spaces. Now VIP Select was ranked and if someone in the #Top100 could not fullfil we moved a VIP Select in to take that space. It’s is really that simple .


So how are they choose? Round one is me – Mike Tolliver reviewing all the entries and classing them into classes. Classes this year were “Best Stance”, “Best Fitment”, “Griots Simply Clean”, “Best European” ,“ Best JDM” “ Best Function” (formally best drift), “ Best Classic”, “Best on two wheels”, “Best truck\SUV” and “ Best Domestic”. Do you notice something about those classes ? Are they all “best’s” and not first second and third. My philosophy is that anything considered “best” is an opinion. The opinion of the judges that I appoint. Back to round one , Round one folks didn’t make the cut for alot of reasons, mainly they were just getting started on their modification journey. Maybe they were great daily drivers but not really ready for the top floor. You have to imagine the spectrum here. JJ’s Ferrari vs. a civic would be a great example. With consideration from Rene the head judge we made some cuts.

Why is there a round two – Round two is where all the judges get involved with reviewing the cars. In the past this was don’t by us printing the cars out and placing in a binder and having the judges simply write yes or no. In twenty fifteen we went electronic and to blind judging. Now the judges could not see what the other judges liked or didn’t like. This made the process impossible for judges to be biased or insure a in or out the #Top100. #Top100 was as simple as three votes yes and you were in. There was 53 out of 200 cars entered.

How to fill 47 spots – This is where it gets much harder. This is where the classes come into effect. For example after Round one there were 53 cars in “Best Stance” and only two trophies for that class. So I set a total number of cars per class and told the judges they had to stay in those guidelines for cars in each class. Below are some of numbers but I didn’t save all the changes each time as we went so I can only see what we did in the end. Getting these 47 was very difficult for the judges, most were split decisions or three \ two votes.

VIP class 11 in top100 out of 20 entered – goal 15
Classic 2 in top100 out of 8 entered – goal 5
Domestic 2 in top100 out of 3 entered – goal 5
Best European 18 in top100 out of 35 entered – goal 15
Best function 10 in top100 of 30 entered – goal 15
Best JDM 15 in top100 out of 44 entered – goal 15
Truck SUV 4 in top100 out of 5 entered – goal 5
Simply Clean 3 in top100 out of 4 entered – goal 5

Elite 2 of two Best Stance and Best Fitment rounds the rest out.

We had set levels for each class when we announced #top100 but once cars didn’t finish I tried to fill the holes in the same class until there were not enough cars to promote. Cars were promoted by reviewing the judges votes. Most cars promoted were 2 yes and 1 no. Some I promoted that had 3 no’s but I felt these cars needed to be in the event.

Improvements – those are in the process now. Like to allow more pics and mod sheet but allow online reviews and judging are coming once the Foat.Com makes some changes.

While we aren’t perfect we have a process that works for us. Stance is an opinion, our awards are all opinions but our judges are former Winners. Each person I find that has issue with winning or losing I try to kindly remind them, its a $5.95 piece of plastic. Enjoy life , enjoy your friends and watch the reactions your car gets, everyone has different tastes and opinions. But yours is the one that counts for you.


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