Houston – Its all about the data

So if you’re new to StanceWars you might not understand this , but I’ll do my very best to explain as I go. We gather a lot of data at out ticket portal “theFoat” for a lot of reasons. We don’t sell data so you won’t be getting a call to buy insurance or something but we do use this data to our advantage in several ways. One way I can tell you is SEMA. Specialty equipment manufacturer’s association or #SEMA for short. When I attend SEMA I take this data and share it with companies to scare them or inform them to start working with us. Great example is Subaru North America. Roughly 39% of cars that enter StanceWars events are Subies. By far our largest group. I hope that gets Subaru interested in us.  Another one is tire manufacturers. Since we’ve been working with Toyo Tires this year they have been asking for data on your entries. I assume to have a in parcel view the real world. Well I hope you can understand some of this now. Also this helps us on vendors and sponsors for the events. Without this data we can’t always convince them why they need to be involved. The data below is for Houston StanceWars. Soon I’ll get the whole years data and do a nerd report that most of you won’t read.


So lets start with a Manufacturer pic chart. For Texas its really spread out. Lots of domestics like Chevy, dodge and ford. Not something we are used to. I guess that Domestic class might be getting a touch larger for Texas. Normally it would be FIVE cars, now more like 10 or 15. The largest manufacture for Texas is Honda, then subaru ,then Toyota -Nissan and Infiniti together. From there its Mazda and Volkswagen. The rest of the pack is smaller.


Let’s take a fast look at States. Now of course Texas is the largest with 93% of the entries. But there are alot of others like Louisiana , New mexico and even California.


Now here is some data for the tires that everyone is diving on and trying to stretch on those wheels. Of course Toyo Tires leads the pack with with nankang- Nitto- and Hankook nippin on their heels. So who are you running ?


This is the most important data for our show. I mean we really know our wheels and its always very interesting to see who is on top and who is up in coming in the scene. If you notice Work Wheels is the largest brand, but 93% of those aren’t new wheels , they are rebuilds or originals. To us it looks like Rotiform and VIP Modular are huge in Texas. Then maybe Ferrada,WED’s, BBS, Avant Garde Vossen and Art in Motion round out the list. After that those other brands are spotty at best in this small of sample.



Last one that might be interesting to the #Top100 texas entry folks. After completing the reg process this seems to be the breakout for classes . Now this is RAW data so this will change once the judges get involved tonight. But you can see we have some holes in classes like “Best on Two Wheels” ” Truck & SUV” and VIP. If you know of anyone that might fit those classes we might squash them in to help round out some classes.