Words and pics Dominic Wilkerson

HondaFest 2015: The Other Side

While the main event happened inside the fences, we venture out to see what is there.

Many events come and go. If you are used to a certain area, then you have seen many of the same cars at the same events each year. Sometimes you can hear some complain that the cars that are parked outside of the event were better than those inside the show.


We put this theory to the test.

HondaFestNW 2015 put out the call for all the Hondas, Acuras, and… well that is it, to show up to Pacific Raceways in Washington State for the second year in a row. If you showed up to the registration desk with any other car besides a Honda/Acura you would be turned away.

Cars lined up early in the morning, forming a line that almost backed up to the freeway that morning. Again, like most big events in the PNW, many people came from other states or even Canada.

By Noon the over flow / free parking had over 300 cars in it. The VIP section of the show (paid parking area for anyone not in the show, race, or lead/follow) was packed with all sorts of rides. Cars parked about a foot away from the show fence and extended across the large parking lot, holding about 600 cars.

Venturing outside the main show, some people made their own show. They parked as if they were ready to be judged for the show; applying tire shine, cleaning out the car, and wiping it down.


Crews rolled in and parked together. Team Innovations were parked really close to the show, making it easy to be seen. Onlookers walked by, snapped photos, and just admired the rides.


A pair of Datsuns parked back to back. The scene brought you back to what shows back in the day could have looked like. The blue 280z was rocking a clean set of Hayashi Street CR.


Clean Miatas filled the ranks of cars throughout the parking. One Miata even ventured into the grass.


The sound of the drag strip resonated amongst the event. The DJ was doing some spinning, keeping it lively for all of us to relax and jam out (do people still say jam out?). The drag racing was open to anyone who wanted to race. Fans filled all the stands to watch the races. Euros, JDM, and America cars raced down the ¼ mile, competing to see who was fastest or even just for fun. Brian Gabel managed to get his WRX time under 13 seconds for the day.

The day wasn’t all joy. From several post across social media, at least one car was stolen, with a rumor of up to four were missing. Cops were all over the even, so it is a little difficult to see how these vehicles came up missing. At the end of the event a dog got loose from it’s owner and ran to another dog, attacking it. The owners tried to pull the two animals apart and luckily after 30 seconds or so they were separated. From what it sounds like, the dog that was attacked was more shaken than hurt. This is why we keep our dogs on leashes or aggressive dogs away from other animals. Imagine if it was a kid. Surely there would had been a dead dog after that.

Besides what was mentioned, the event went off pretty well. The awards were handed out and everyone left accordingly. On the drive home there were a few cars that were doing pulls, but nothing serious. From Hwy 18 to 512 there were no wrecks, so we ended it on a good note.

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