Well as life turns, we all adjust. We’ve been looking for a site or sites in California for over a year. We almost had sites a few times until there were problems.

Problem One – When a promoter smeres your name to a venue they are using and don’t want others to use. This is truly a jealous act and people know and this is why your shows are getting smaller year each year.

Problem Two – When a promoter cant control their event and we all lose a venue so no one can rent it, this has happened twice this year in california and once while I was signing our contract with the venue in question.

My job is pretty easy, be an enthusiast, bring other enthusiasts together, add in a few great companies to help with and have loyalty to a fault. Then open the doors to wow the public. Notice I didn’t say screw the competition or make money ? Some people just need to understand why people are motivated.


Soon we’ll announce something, it will be radical , it will start a new movement and a lot of folks will question the status. #californcation