DSC_2503Cars from all over the PNW converge onto the boat launch parking area of Golden Gardens.

Article and photo by: Dominic Wilkerson, photographer

The weather was a stark contrast from last years Golden Garden meet, where it was drizzly and the entire feel was PNW. This year, the meet was blessed with clear skies, a brisk breeze, and warmer weather than the rest of the country (Not you Florida… haters with the warm weather :)). There was even a sailboat race going on in Puget Sound behind the meet.

With the weather the way it was and more than 3100 people saying they were going, it was needless to say that the event would fill up fast. In fact, the main meet area was filled 1 hour before the event was to start.

DSC_2510One of the new types of modifications that are going around this year is rocking no front fenders. Is it to fit your wheels better? You might want to get another set of wheels. There was a 350z, that was also at the XXX meet last week, but a few other cars were running without fenders. After examining the photos, one cannot come up with a reason why the fenders are not on. Hopefully this trend does not catch on.

DSC_2505“My favorite part of today’s meet was watching people struggle over the speed bumps.” Jared Collins, owner of ‘Shrkeisha’ a 94 Mazda Miata sitting on Stance Encores, said. “I really liked how everyone was communicating with each other and not just with their own cliques.”

There were new cars and old cars cruising up and down the road. Many new builds and builds the PNW have come to love over the years showed up this day.

“It was a pretty awesome meet with all the sunshine. Got to see some nice cars as well as up and coming projects.” Shonn Kidoguchi, aka DJ Shonn you see at most car shows spinning, said. “Car show season has officially started and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2015 season.”DSC_2513

Team Menace’s NSX rolled up and stole the show. Many people crowded as he tried to park, blocking most cameras with their bodies and cell phones. It left before we were able to snap a photo of it.

“If I had to choose one of my favorite rides at the meet it would be a mix between the Nsx, on gold Avant Garde wheels and Andrew Vun’s Subaru.” Brandon Hale, Director of Operations/photographer of Third World Society said.

DSC_2619Spilling into the overflow/boat launch, Ozzy Motorsports set up shop. With their banners flying, people came around to see the American V8s and built track cars. Those guys sure know how to just sit back and have fun. Due to many red lights and heavy traffic, the roller shots that were planned got mauled due to separation of their cars and the camera car.

The burger joint, Little Coney, was swamped. Lines were out the door for the fresh food as soon as they opened.

“We have Nissan and luxury cars meets here all the time and it is busy then, but this is on a whole another level.” Little Coney cashier said. “We did get a heads up from one of our workers that this event was happening today. We are thankful for the patronage.”

As normal to other Golden Garden meets as everyone starts to leave, many had partaken in the burn outs and revving as they left. Luckily there was no accidents this year. The Seattle Police department was on scene, but let a few things slide. About an hour into people burning out at the entrance, the cops finally shut the meet down. It is not clear if any tickets were issued.

With the past two events down, the rest of the car show / meet season is looking very promising.

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