Well full day of running around and getting our bearings running from Klugenfurt where our apartment is and Refnitz where #Worthersee it based. But there is MariaWorth and Veldon along the lake. 

We took a journey to Refnitz to see the small town that turnings into this huge show. Now the actual week of #worthersee is about 100,000 people in a town of 1,500 to 2,000. Crazy Right ?  Stop one was seeing the Volkswagen stage being built and the Stone MKII GTI.

This is the 38th year of the meet and we’re a week early so yearly to catch XS Carnight this weekend too.

Next we ventured to Maria Worth ,a small peninsula in to the lake with a huge church. We dint get a photos there today but in the past its a filming location for many videos and photos. Next was Gas Station and round about just outside of Veldon.

Veldon is the big Casion town , it where most of the hotels and big players are.  Small shopping distracit and alot of high class.