Its really just a simple idea. When we decided to cancel our New Jersey show because we couldn’t get a sunday for the tour we put an action plan to do something in California. Planning a show for us takes just under a year, so this experience is a quick plan and we thought we’d toss in a few friends in the mix and just make a free event. While there are hundreds of car shows in california each year, many just lack in vibe and fun of a decent event. I attend a handful of events in California , some are truly awesome and some you pay $20 for 45mins of looking at cars , then get bored and head home. Or maybe you sign up, drop the car off and come back 6-7 hours later to pickup a plastic trophy and drive home. Both of those seem insane to me.

Register at our ticket site (TheFoat.Com) for TWO FREE tickets and enjoy what I can put together on very short notice in a new venue I’ve never stepped a foot in.

FREE TICKETS are now open for our LA Experience
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