Feature – Anthony Whitesides – BMW M3

Words and Photos - Casey James


As 2016 marks 15 years since one of the most iconic and loved BMW’s was made. The E46 M3. This popular sports coupe was a huge hit and still is to this day. Those who own and drive these cars love them, and those who have driven in them, want one soon thereafter. Having such a wide fan base, which then leads to many, many modified version of the beloved E46 M3. This is about Anthony and what his vision is. His vision; lower, wider, and more stance-ier. Yes, I just made that word up. But I think it fits.

Anthony SW 8

I meet Anthony back in 2013. We were both at WaterWerks on the green and he came rolling in with is F30 on gold Rotiforms. I knew I had to go say what up to this guy. Glad I did, because ever since then we have been really close friends. It’s either a night out with our friends from TLMG, car shows, burgers and beers, or him convincing me to get an E46 M3 myself, but whatever it may be it’s always a kick ass time. This brings us to this the feature. Not only is Anthony a close friend, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it, he has the cleanest E46 M3 in Washington. I don’t doubt a lot of people would agree.


Anthony has built to his style and liking. He isn’t one to go out and do it for the trophies, likes, or Instagram fame. But, when your car is as elegant and stancy as his; those things kind of just come with the territory. Yet, he still stays true to himself.
Only having the car for little over a year he has put a lot of work into it. The car has already had a lot of different phases. I remember him telling me when he got the car, “I don’t think I wanna do anything to crazy or stancy with it. Something just to make the car a little more aggressive.” Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when we were shooting. He looks at me as I’m reviewing photos and goes, “God damn man, I didn’t think I would go this crazy stance with the car. I never thought it would get to this point.” That moment was pretty cool to be apart of.  You could tell he was excited and it showed just how much passion has gone into this build. Being there throughout the build and everything he has done to this car it was an honor to be able to do this shoot for him and StanceWars.
He recently switched over from BroadWay Static coils to Airlift Performance bags and management. Subtle CSL part are all around the car giving it a clean yet aggressive edge over others. A CSL style front bumper with integrated CLS carbon lip, CSL trunk, CSL rear diffuser, accentuating the side skirts with carbon FORCEWERKZ skirt extensions, to tie it all together he has retrofitted LED rear tail lights. Upon startup you hear the AP headers and rouge exhaust getting rid of the M3 “rasp” with a shark tune. Inside you’ll find the M speed cloth interior along with an upgraded clutch from an M5. With all these stylish add on’s you need the right set of wheels to set everything off. Anthony did just that. He found a set of OG Carline CM6’s in Poland and had them rebuilt to the spes he wanted and imported. Front wheels are 18×10.5 et – “fuck it” with a 3 inch lip. Rear wheels are 18×11.5 et- “yolo” with a 4.5 inch lip. Lips are soon to be an inch bigger all a round.
I sat down with Anthony to ask him some questions. Here is what he had to say.
What do you like about the local scene?
“The best part to me about the local car scene has always been the number of awesome people that i am constantly surrounded by. I’d say the majority of my good friends have been made through cars, and thats what I think it’s all about – the relationships you get to develop with those that share the same passion. In the northwest, we are pretty far away from a lot of other big cities, but that allows us to stay tight and small as a group, and I like to think that we have a pretty close community up here as a whole.”
What do you think is in store for the future of the car?
“Cars are a great hobby because there really is no limit to what you can do, and I am no where near finished. I would really like to put my own touch on my interior next, while still maintaining the classic BMW look. I am planning on refreshing the tired out 2001 spec speaker system in the car soon, as it is in need of some attention. Long term, I would love to be at a point some day where I can shave my engine bay and do velocity stacks on my individual throttle bodies. I’ve got a handful of old school wheels that I would like to acquire and rebuild to my liking, but for now I am pretty stuck on the Carlines.”
What are your thoughts on Stancewars Seattle 2016 event?
“I am really excited for the event this year, Stancewars has been gaining a lot of momentum and that means that even more talented people will be there this year. I am excited to see some new faces in the Northwest and meet up with old friends as well. This will be my first time entering my car this year, so I am excited about that and hopeful to be a part of one of the best car shows in the nation!”
Any personal notes you’d like to add to top everything off?
“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the people that helped me to get my car where it is today, I am very lucky to call so many of my fellow enthusiasts friends. I’d especially like to thank Jeremy Porter for his constant help since day 1, weather it be maintenance or modifications, I  always had a friend to lean on. I’d also like to thank Casey for putting this article together, and for the countless photoshoots and videos he has done for me.”1 2 6 8 12 13 15 16 17