Every Year people ask and it would be faster to post the facts for everyone to refer to. I’m not saying we’re king of events, I’m just putting out facts. Someone unfamiliar with large events said 60,000 was there, if so I’d be a millionaire ,but sorry folks I’m not, or at least yet.

It was a smooth year, the Bellevue College handed the park like champs, Bellevue PD did traffic and outside and that went smooth. With (48) volunteers and (8) managers we did the rest in a team effort. With 8 ticket lanes we moved a lot of people very fast with longest wait 45 mins down over an hour from previous year. The weather was warm but we got a sunny day in Seattle. I‘m honored to put on event like this, the families and smiles are worth it alone. The car owners so happy to show off the vehicles. Until next year – Thank youMike Tolliver 

Personal feedback line – Mike @happenstanceevents.com

Facts – 7th year in Seattle – Same location all years
Attending 10,000+
– 7,700+ Front gate alone (wristbands) 
– 6,682 Cars on campus at 8PM (manual count)
– 500+ Goodie bags and FREE shirts handed out
– 446 Cars on lower floors of the garage
– 107 #Top100 cars & bikes
– 228 2nd FREE wristbands for #Top100
– 48 Volunteers
– 21 Display Vehicles (RWB- Cars- Trucks)
– 39 Booth cars
– 8 Managers
– 6 Police
– 5 BCC Secuirty
– 4 firefighters
– 2 EMT’s
– 1 hurt intern

Tyler Hallberg – technical manager chatting with Mike about the awards and cleanup for after the event while Myke Jones spins tunes.