Event Coverage x Savannah Georgia x The European Experience  #EUEX

Words and Photos  Mike Tolliver

I just returned from a long weekend in Savannah, a long weekend on the East Coast which for a West Coast person its is so difficult to wake up that early in the morning especially if you had some drinks and you been hanging out with the airlift performance guys.


This weekend started just like many others, flights and airports with friends and horrible airport susi .But this was the first time I’ve ever flown to Savannah Georgia and this was the first European Experience that happened there. If you don’t know I’m good friends with Matt Bounds and he runs SOWO  partners and last year I got to visit him the first time and Helen Georgia for southern worthersee. Matt was presented with a challenge move the show and take it to a lot better location. They have chosen Savannah Georgia and now that we’ve been for the weekend I can see why.

IMAG2489 IMAG2497

The things I love about going to the South it’s how people are and how slow and easy life seems to be. If you’re looking for a vacation and you want to have some fun with some car friends this or some of this is some of the key ingredients that you’ll need. Of course coming from the West Coast we arrive at 11 p.m. in Georgia but for us it’s about dinner time so we head over to the Waffle House and after a pleasant meal we enjoyed the pool and just talking about car show stuff till about 4:30 in the morning Savannah time. Today is Friday and we’re going to head to Savannah and check on our create that we shipped in from Seattle , setup a booth and talk with some of our old friends. I knew was going to be a long day but that’s what happens when you’re traveling and you have really good friends on the East Coast that you haven’t seen  in a few months.


After we set up the booth we decided to join and some of the local fair ,meeting up with people at the ferry to run as a crossover to Savannah down on the River Street. With our trustee SOWO partners mugs look for some discounted beer at some of the local establishments .What was cool was on the ferry we met up with a group from New Jersey and talk about cars or whole time eventually ended up together at the same restaurant and having lunch. One of the cool things that Car show new bond over cars and experiences and the next thing you know you’re having lunch and drinks with complete strangers later to continue on to possibly be friends in the future. It was a very long day and we made our way over to the vendor hotel or with their friends from Art In Motion, Airlift, Rotiform and of course some of the East Coast royalty.

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Now I personally didn’t take a lot of pictures from the car show because we had a photographer for that but I did stand in the booth for 2 days meeting east coast and Midwest people from the South. Talking about how we came from Seattle and who we are and what we do I was surprised at how many people who knew who we were or said hey dude I know you from YouTube then we talked about stancewars of course.  It helped that we had just recently launched the Las Vegas video and it was blowing up the internet now.