Words & Images - Mike Tolliver


Eurotripper – a weekend in Florida

Now  if you know anything about me I love the european cars, I’ve owned a large number. I’ve built , i’ve bought and sold really to many to count. For years I’ve tried to attend #Eurotripper and since its at the beginning of the year  I’m usually broke can’t just swing the $900-1200 of the weekend. But this year I told the wife I’m going to use some savings ( the money you don’t spend and hold back just in case) and hit this show. I had talked to Paul a few times about shows, vibes and equipment. We are very similar in our backgrounds are very much the same in tastes. Well with a red eye’d flight to  Orlando and rental topless BMW 430i and I was on the way to fun in the florida sun.

Freeways and tolls in Florida are damm decent, I’d run static at 1.5 inches here all day long on the freeway. As I turn into Jetblue park they are using the entry to make a decision.  Go on the grass if your are in a european car or off to the parking lot if not. Notice why I rented a BMW now ? Looking at the event Paul has spared no expense to have a well branded, sexy event in Florida. How many cars are were there ? Enough that I stopped looking and taking pictures while chatting with friends and business owners. I will totally admit I love the stage and I’m hella jealous. It was one the reasons I was coming down ( i’ll tell you more later #lasvegas). There was a ton of great vendors and friends to chat with. I spent my cash a few of them for myself and the staff. I snapped a few photos for you to see, and a few videos for later. This was well worth the trip and I will be back. The best part was getting me energized for the start on the west coast. – mike tolliver