Words by Mike Tolliver

Edgar Baca – daily driven first time wonder

I noticed Edgars car on instagram and I had to know more , few questions later and we have the facts.

Why this car? I fell In love with the G35 coupe the moment I saw it for the first time when I was 18 years old. Loved the body lines, the fact that they were rare (at the time, only saw stock 35s never modded), and the fact that I knew it had great aftermarket support so I couldn’t help but dream about what I could do to it. Saved up for about a year and finally found a good deal a little bit before I turned 20.

How many cars have you built? This is the first car I’ve fully customized, but it definitely won’t be my last. But for now she’s treated me well so I’m keeping it for a while.

What was the hardest to do on this car? The hardest part for me was finding good aggressive specs to make fitment perfect (has some fitment battle scars on fenders from trial and errors). It took me a while to really pin point the fitment that I wanted. But with enough fender work, camber, and stretched tires it’s doable.

What do people NOT notice on this car ? People are usually mesmerized by the big shiny lips and how low it is that they don’t even notice the daily driven wear and tear that it has.

If you did this again what WOULD YOU NOT do? I woudlnt of chosen an 03 model and got an 06 or 07 when they had improved the engine, interior, headlights/taillights. The 03 g35 coupe(with tan interior) is pretty hard to work with considering alot of stuff seems out of date.

What do you think of people copying you? Faltering or hate it. Although it’s flattering that someone tries to copy your image of your car I think everyone should try to be original with their own ideas and put themselves into their project to really appreciate it.

Who inspired you to do this? I saw a few Gs that were absolutely incredible on forums that inspired me and motivated me to work hard and build my own G that people would admire as I admired other G owners builds, although I built the car for myself and in my image it feels good when people compliment the ‘artwork’ which you’re creating. Being passionate about modifying cars makes It easier to create great friendships. Some of my closest friends are car enthusiasts like myself.

What is your dream car ? To be honest, even though there are better/faster/more expensive than the G35 coupe, I absolutely love my G35 and would probably build another one so I guess you can say I’m driving my dream car. Lambos/Ferraris/Aston Martins are cool but for a 22 year old, my modded g35 makes me happy.

Wheels specs
19×9.5 -12, 19×10.5 -4

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