Do you dream of a ultimate garage one day. Maybe a place of you own that is more garage than a home. That’s what we’ll start to show you this summer. Dream garages


What’s your idea of a dream garage? Is it a large building filled with prized vintage cars? Maybe it simply means an organized space where there’s ample room to park your vehicles.

While everyone’s definition may vary, there’s no question that a redesigned garage adds value to your home. You’ll want your dream garage to be a comfortable space that impresses visitors and that can be accomplished with the proper design.

When putting together your dream garage design, make sure to include these six essential features.

1. Transform your space with a new garage floor coating

2. Get your tools organized with garage cabinetry

3. A slatwall storage system reclaims garage floor space

4. Use overhead garage storage racks for bulkier items

5. Gain more parking space in your dream garage with a car lift

6. Upgrade the garage door, your home’s most noticeable feature