Story by Mike Tolliver  Photos DA\AR Photography

Don’t day dream, build a dream just like Cameron did. Its take practice to build a dream car, which is what Cameron, set out to do. “When I was a kid I went with my dad to look at the two thousand and nine 370z when they first came out. I instantly fell in love with car”.  I had built many others before her, Integra’s, Civics, a few BMW’s, even a Miata, eight in total before starting this project. “It took three years working hard at selling cars for Mazda till I could buy one of my dream cars”

15856765084_c71527fb40_oStanceWars: What was the hardest to do?  The hardest part for me was fitting the current wheels I have on it. I thought I could fit them on stock body and a lot of camber but that wasn’t the case. I spent about a month just trying to find a way to make them fit. I ended up doing a full metal wide body to make it right.

StanceWars: What do people not notice on the car?  At first glance you can not tell it is a six inch wide body. I wanted to keep the stock body lines for that reason. No crazy vents or diffusers or any on the non-sense. The car came with beautiful lines and I wanted to keep that style and make the wide body as subtle as possible.

16259981178_2f7b68a5d1_oStanceWars: What do you think of people copying you? (Flattering or hate it)  I don’t like the idea of someone copying me at all. That’s why I did a full metal wide body instead of a RB kit or a fiberglass kit that someone can buy. I wanted something no one else has or has done yet. I want my car to be different from everyone else’s.

StanceWars: What do you think of people copying you? I wouldn’t say any one inspired me to do this. I just wanted a crazy wheels setup that no one had tried to fit on a 370z. The rest of the build kind of just fell into place. When I had a 350z I always looked up to a lot of the California guys and Vegas z builds, with their crazy offsets and camber.


Work on car done by

Tinted x Wrapped of UTAH -tint

Elite Customs – full metal wide body

CZ wheels – Custom wheels built


Owner Cameron Christensen

Twitter @camcam1616

Instagram @camcam1616