Its Show time – StanceNation Houston

Words and photos - Mike Tolliver

Well now in Houston all by myself, no team I didn’t know what to do after getting kicked out of the venue for the show. I had to kill time seeing town and getting some great Texas food. I checked into the same Hotel as James and Giovanni and found myself with a really nice King Suite on the 7th floor. The concierge told me that I need to head to “Taste Houston” for a prime steak. I was off in search of the perfect steak but that’s another story. Did you see my arrival ? 

_MG_6644 _MG_6690 _MG_6728

Knowing that the show opened at 1pm I thought I would sneak in about 10am and get some clean shots of roll in and the shots that would not be possible later in the day. First let me thank all the folks I met at StanceNation Houston. I have to thank Giovanni from Futura Design Brakes and James from VIP’d Out for being just rad people to meet. Denis with Toyo tires. Also the folks at Cars from Houston, we will be working together more. Also Status_Made productions for the video.  And I can’t thank Mike enough for welcoming me the first day.

Back to the shots of cars.


I’ve never liked Mustangs till now_MG_6644

Julie Ortega really stole the show with this 2015 Lexus RCF 350 Sport_MG_6649 _MG_6653 _MG_6655 _MG_6656 _MG_6658

Ian Bean in this 1969 Austin Mini perfected what its like to be #OldSchool _MG_6660 _MG_6661 _MG_6662 _MG_6663 _MG_6664 _MG_6669 _MG_6671 _MG_6679 _MG_6683 _MG_6684

Isaac Harrell on these fresh Art In Motion Wheels , solid 20115 Subaru BRZ _MG_6686 _MG_6687 _MG_6688 _MG_6690 _MG_6691 _MG_6693 _MG_6696 _MG_6697 _MG_6701


Mike was really on top of his VIP game in this Lexus GS350 _MG_6706 _MG_6709 _MG_6710 _MG_6714 _MG_6716 _MG_6725

Persnally I thought Roger Artas blew away the competition in this 2012 Scion TC on triple lips_MG_6726 _MG_6727 _MG_6728 _MG_6729 _MG_6730 _MG_6734 _MG_6735 _MG_6737 _MG_6738 _MG_6739 _MG_6740 _MG_6742 _MG_6745 _MG_6747 _MG_6749 _MG_6753 _MG_6757

Lots of judging , they started at 11am and worked till 5pm _MG_6762

What is there to say about Alex Kings GS350 F-sport _MG_6764 _MG_6774 _MG_6775 _MG_6776 _MG_6786 _MG_6787 _MG_6788 _MG_6793 _MG_6794 _MG_6795 _MG_6797 _MG_6799 _MG_6800 _MG_6801

Yes it has a BMW highlights added along with Dubai Gold wheels and 3D paint. _MG_6802 _MG_6803 _MG_6805 _MG_6809

James judging hard _MG_6818 _MG_6819 _MG_6820 _MG_6822 _MG_6879

Kendall White taking home “Best in Show” wit this 2013 Scion TC featured at SEMA last year. IG @stayminty_MG_6603_MG_6828

Brendon Hinds was a heavy hitter with this 2013 TTRS _MG_6831 _MG_6835 _MG_6840 _MG_6841 _MG_6846 _MG_6848 _MG_6856 During my lunch break to RUDY’s I found this Passat that I saw at #SOWO

_MG_6859 _MG_6862 _MG_6866 _MG_6873 _MG_6875 _MG_6885


Team Nemesis cleaned up at #stancenation Houston