Coverage XXXMeet16

Words Mike Tolliver – Photos Tyler Hällbërg \ Micaiah Gray

How do you stop a crowd and gather them in the rain ? It’s easy just pull in two Liberty Walk wild rides. I knew that JJ’s cars were at Phantasy Kolors and I knew they were coming to be in the booth , but I didn’t know I would get to see JJ today. I love this guy, one the nicest most humble guys you’ll ever meet.

DSC_0447wm 25665591176_d594813fb8_k 25599079111_31bb5c2e8d_k 25065011783_328a342d7f_k

Everyone from the east, south and Midwest all love the Pacific Northwest because our weather is so mild. Its true, we rarely get below 40 in winter and really get above 85 degrees in the summer. But we do get rain. It rains in Seattle, we say rains but if you were from the south or east or Midwest you would say it drizzles here consonantly. But we only average 38inches of rain a year. Miami Florida gets 58 inches a year, New York 39 inches a year and Omaha gets 27 inches.

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With rain on and off droves of folks flocked to XXX Rootbeer for Importmeet annual meet. Being the first large meet of the year means there will be a ton folks. Last year I would say 5,000 easy with the sunny weather.


Matt Vale always willing to be different.  25391000540_f31f72113d_k

Britney working hard on her new look for the season.  25573100352_d7b79761a2_k

Everyone loves a dirty thirty. Shes sexy slammed on airride and BBS RS wheels with body matched centers.  25573111942_f04da65877_k

Meet Joe Cantu, Joe now works for Happenstance Event Productions as our merchandise manager and booth manager.  25665617746_4a08e65e1d_k 25665632636_0f03fc007a_k

Brooke looking hot with those new Messer wheels. Pretty damm rare around these parts.  25665638856_a35de7bfca_k

Tofo delivery ANYONE ! 25691746655_45b050ba37_k

We always have room for the #F7LTHY crew in the booth. 25691773645_918950ab2d_k 25691781005_837de3ae52_k

Yummy , its somthing I say when I love it -mike 25691784555_8a8df70465_k 25691827115_233569da0b_k

Patrick nails it in the Mazda. 25691830675_fbca33f779_k 25691840075_19681b7e99_k

Of course we’ll always get a picture of Tyler’s Swapped , bagged E30. DSC_0272wm DSC_0273wm

Lower it DSC_0315wm DSC_0328-SMWM