Its Monday am and alot of folks were emailed over the weekend the status of their application. Please help me to congratulate these stand out owners for their vehicles. Behind them are lots of hopefuls to take a slot if they aren’t able or cant follow the rules of the competition.¬†Applying for a StanceWars you must have some guts. It’s not an easy process, it’s scary and there are¬†hundreds that didn’t do it because they were afraid of the outcome. Many don’t make it but do have a spot behind the #Top100 at the event. Hundreds apply for just 100 spots, its heartbreaking for some and motivation to many to go that much further on a journey for a build. Some try several times over hte years and finally make the cut and I hope we inspire spectators and owners to be different and build for themselves. – Mike Tolliver – lead inspiration manger for many




State Owner Owner Returning make Bag\Stat
UT Amar Uvejzovic YES Subaru Bagged
NM Eddie Williams NO 2013 Kia Optima Bagged
NV Edwin Balaoro NO Toyota Static
CA Randy Riggs NO Infiniti Bagged
CA Dorn Hall NO Infiniti Bagged
CA Logan Forsyth NO Hyundai Static
CO Austin Vikdal YES Bmw Bagged
NM Derrick Barela NO Subaru Bagged
CO Jesus Andujo YES Acura Bagged
CO Anthony Scaglione NO Subaru Static
CA Kelvin Avelar NO Infiniti Bagged
AZ Pj Leyba YES Bmw Static
PA Tyler Westrum NO Subaru Bagged
CA David Luna NO Scion Bagged
NV Joshua Bevan NO Subaru Bagged
NV Jesus Rascon NO Lexus Bagged
NV Daniel Leavitt NO Ford Bagged
CO Dayne Myers NO Subaru Bagged
CA Miguel Alejandro NO Audi Bagged
CA Felipe Silva YES Scion Static
CA Jason Ajamian YES Volkswagen Static
NV Destin Diamond YES Honda Bagged
CA Al Camarena NO Infiniti Bagged
CA Adam Struthers YES Porsche Bagged
CA Ludger Quiocho NO Nissan Bagged
NV Diego Ybarra YES Toyota Bagged
NV Frank Iovino NO BMW Bagged
CO Martin Auslaender NO Subaru Bagged
CAN Stephen Lachocki YES Nissan Bagged
CA Carlos Ortiz YES Datsun Static
UT Jose Rubi NO Subaru Bagged
AZ Stefan Kluver YES Scion Static
UT Isaac Davis NO Volkswagen Bagged
UT Joel Moncayo YES Volkswagen Bagged
CA Amanda Kennedy YES Mazda Bagged
CA Ben Jepson YES Mazda Bagged
CA Juan sanchez NO vw Bagged
ID Mikel Mcmillion NO Chevrolet Bagged
NM Genaro Romero YES Acura Bagged
NM derek archuleta YES Acura Bagged
NM keanu soto YES honda Bagged
CA Joshua Linburg NO VW Bagged
CA Cristian Duran NO Audi Static
CA karlene Fields Varela NO vw Bagged
WA Tyler Scherer YES Subaru Bagged
WA Dillon Delacruz YES Subaru Bagged
NV Louie Anselmo NO Toyota Static
NV Jake Hwang YES Hyundai Static
NV Joe Garcia NO Hyundai Bagged
UT Adin Skoro YES Audi Bagged
TX Haley Ferner YES Nissan Static
UT Austin Fenn NO Toyota Static
co TAM Vo NO AUDI Bagged
CA Derek Parker NO BMW Bagged
NV Michael Pica NO Ford Bagged
UT Nicholas Hynes YES Audi Bagged
CA Adzhemyan Tony NO Bmw Static
CA Richard Kim NO Hyundai Bagged
NV Kaleb White YES Mazda Static
NV Dessy Perez NO Dodge Bagged
CA Skyler Pierce NO Volvo Bagged
CA Dan Melchner YES Bmw Static
CA Henry Rodriguez NO Acura Bagged
CA Jasmine Muro NO Subaru Bagged
NV Steven Jackson YES Lexus Bagged
CA Luis Arevalo Arriaga NO Subaru Bagged
CA Louie Espino NO Dodge Bagged
CA Connor Wyatt NO Audi Bagged
CA Jeffrey Trompeter NO Mazda Bagged
CA Joshua Mendoza NO Audi Bagged
NV Ivan tarula NO Subaru Bagged
CA Paul Ordonez NO Infiniti Bagged
NV Jason Jones YES Subaru Bagged
NV Brian Casillas NO Audi Bagged
WA Trenton Culbert YES Lexus Bagged
CA Katalin Mate NO BMW Static
CA Carlos Magana NO Nissan Bagged
CA devin richardson NO Acura Static
NV Ryota Suzuki NO Toyota
NV Ryan Orr NO Subaru Bagged
CA Isaias Del Toro NO Infiniti Bagged
CA Zhaorui Li YES Audi Bagged
NV Zachary Brewer NO Volkswagen Bagged
CA Zhaorui Li YES Volkswagen Bagged
CA Juan Gutierrez YES Subaru Bagged
NM Connor Horton NO Ford Bagged
AZ Tanner Compton NO Lexus Static
OR Roel Chavez YES Lexus Bagged
CA Eric Medrano YES Subaru Bagged
CA sam alfonsin YES subaru Bagged
AZ Skyler Mogensen NO Volkswagen Bagged
NV Julio Martinez NO Audi Bagged
CA Matt Cadiz NO Nissan Bagged
NV Cale Anderson YES Nissan Bagged
CA Eliv Solis NO Bmw Bagged
CA Roger Rodriguez NO Honda Bagged
CA Erick Pacheco NO Chrysler Bagged
NV Steven Nguyen YES Lexus Bagged
CA Mario Rico NO Vw Bagged
CA Andrew Turner NO Mazda Static
CA David Ramos NO Honda Bagged
NV Jordan Kirtley NO Volkswagen Bagged
AZ gerardo Castro NO Honda Bagged
Tristan Diamond NO Honda
Javier Villaneva NO Honda