Femfriday on this wet friday

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Vegas is over and we’re still getting back on the ground

Words & Images - Mike Tolliver Well folks I barely survived Las Vegas, and it wasn't from partying or over drinking. I'm fat and it...

Will we ever get to Japan

Will we ever get to Japan, I hope so one day ! -mike by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi @k___tun¬†Keita KikuchiūüáĮūüáĶ StanceWars SHOP.STANCEWARS.COM

Behind the scenes – Day 37

Ive rentuned from our Eurotripper show and made it back t pile of work. I've slaved at the computer for a few hours to...

So what is Tuned Originals ?

  MBN Media IG @mbn.media Well going back to last summer¬†Wayne Raqueno told me he would be doing something on his own. If you don't know Wayne...

Riverside Chattanooga

Riverside Chattanooga, one of the events we excited to attend this year. We've never been but we're planning on it. Not sure if it...

Submitted by Daniel Piker

You to can submit to our public flicker group and get posted here at social media Add here --> https://www.flickr.com/groups_pool_add.gne?path=stancewarspublic&nsid=

Rest in Peace – Ricky Reyome

Still with heavy, heavy hearts and with great sadness that I now feel it is finally time that I do share this very sad...

Randy knew how to pull off the “best fitment” for Vegas

StanceWars Published by Mike Tolliver · 2 hrs ·  Randy knew how to pull off the "best fitment" for Vegas . StanceWars Seattle 2018 July 14th Tickets --> https://goo.gl/TL9erS Shop.stancewars.com