Femfriday on this wet friday

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Vancouver International Car Show 2018

Photos - Lupe Zaragoza

Honda Expo 2018 – Seattle – Importmeet.Com

On August 19, 2018 the Acura of Lynnwood meet returns as Honda Expo! This is an evolution of our annual summer meet and is...

luftgekühlt story drops tomorrow suckers

Mike & Rene are filming #luft5 for #stancewars & @sophisticatedeuro#Ourlife #aircooled #porsche #california

Counting the days till EuroTripper

The one thing that I love about this whole lifestyle is a chance to travel see other events and meet people just like you. ...

Hmmmmmmmm , piss off more promoters and do a FREE event in California ?

Well as life turns, we all adjust. We've been looking for a site or sites in California for over a year. We almost had...

Nothing like New York and the eastcoast

We're going back Sept 8th LINK    Happenstance Event Productions is pleased to announce our EastCoast Fitment Event - You wanted us to come and now...

Mike Tolliver – a full time show promoter

Life gets crazy and we look back on the moments when it couldn't get any wilder. I have a phrase stuck in my head...

We’re super happy to have Sophisticated Euro joining us

We're super happy to have Sophisticated Euro joining us on the road this summer x Joshua Di Blasio x StanceWars

Where has the team been ?

Sorry everyone, we've been working on one of our other shows PNW Springmeet Carshow & Swapmeet 2018 . Its classic and modern Volkswagen show that Mike...