We’re heading to Leavenworth

Its that time of year when the Seattle Euro folks head to Leavenworth for the Weekend. So in light over that I saw this...


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Stuck with a Mommy Wagen ?

Did you get stuck with a mommy wagen are your first car? Anything can be cool with the right about of detail, suspension and...

Black Death E9 BMW

Starting the three day weekend with this insane E9 BMW from Worthersee - StanceWars Seattle Tickets --> https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents

Another Day and 3 more Euro meets

Well glad to be here and not stuck in a box 8am till 9pm. ;) - But we're seeing things , planning things and...


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Full Day at Worthersee

Well full day of running around and getting our bearings running from Klugenfurt where our apartment is and Refnitz where #Worthersee it based. But...