Hi guys

Curly here

Liberty Walk has created a worldwide storm surrounding the general aesthetic of a show-winning car. While wide body cars have been around long before LB existed, it was always reserved for DTM style track racers, or could be found scraping the streets of Japan on a Bosozoku/Shakotan style cruiser. After Kato’s creations went viral they started to appear everywhere, and began to build a cult following of fans around the world.

People could not get enough of his overfender/wide wheel combos and soon LB decided to diversify their portfolio and release kits for a wider range of cars. Nowadays it’s tough to find a car that has no wide arch options available to it, and this has allowed fans and enthusiasts around the world to create their dream cars using just the kit and some ingenuity. An example of this is Ameen’s e92 M3 sporting an imported LB Walk kit and air suspension. This car caused a massive stir in the SA scene as we hadn’t seen anything quite like it before, but it was encouraging to see a car of international build quality arising from our locale.

Check it out and let us know what you think, is it played out or do you still dig seeing LB kits?

The next build was also a tad controversial, but decided to use that to it’s advantage…

It’s an e90 station wagon with an F80 M3 front bumper surgically attached to its face! Aiming to be an unashamed attention whore, this car was built with one thing in mind: breaking necks. The numberplate says a lot about the owner’s IDGAF attitude, hence the car looks the way it does…