Well me the fellas took a little 1300 mile trip to Utah. If you follow un on Instagram you can see the stories as we travel to events. We normally hit 10-20 events a year. This was Scrapfest turn. Last year Tyler and I took the Slamm Van for a fast trip to Farmington a suburb outside of Salt Lake in Utah. But this year we had another event the day before in Seattle. So our driver Zach took the Merch trailer and truck to Utah and Tyler and I followed a day later via Alaska Airlines (please see this and give us a milage). So 9:30pm after working since 6am at another event Tyler and I took the air. SLC bound on plane to met with Zach a little past Midnight.

Next morning while at breakfast at the hotel with 39 kids and 5 adults we got the call from Joe.  Joe Deutsch the owner of ScrapeFest. He’s a cocky little fucker but he is friend. the call was to get our asses over to fit the trailer in before we held up the show. Now it was a tight fit, tight like the stepsister you wish you had 😉  The rest of the show was a blur. We hustled and dipped into the end of day. We sure love coming to SLC and we hope that Joe continues to have this event. We might even make the end of year closer !